The first of its kind website for process serving, providing clients with up-to-date information when most other websites were just a bio for companies that had them.


The first field update units: Mr. Levine and his developer use the Palm VIIX, the first web connected PDA and a language known as WML (wireless markup language) to update the service information from the field.


Establishing JJL Process Corp: The nation’s undisputed leader in service of process, compliance and technology for the credit collections industry, JJL Process Corp specialized in collection papers and service for collection law firms, publicly traded debt buyers and national financial institutions.


Mr. Levine is credited for creating and implementing the first smartphone apps for process servers. These allowed advanced field updates and provided a new level of accountability for process servers. This creation set the industry on its ears and began in the tech wars in the world of process serving.


Mr. Levine created and developed the first compliance programs for the industry, combining technology, auditing, accountability, and transparency never before seen in the world of PS. The implementation led to the first ever Process Serving Serving Standards Conference led by Mr. Levine and his company.


Process Serving Standards Summit: Developed by Mr. Levine to combine compliance, technology, and all other aspects of serving in order to meet the needs of high level clients. These standards were established at the Summit and are still in use today.


JJL Process Corp was sold to Provest, the nation’s largest process serving firm. This sale was the beginning of what now is known as Provest Litigation Services, a nationwide provider of process to the credit collections industry.


TrueServe is launched. Being the first national franchise aimed at providing the same levels of accountability, compliance, technology, and transparency as are provided for higher level clients to every law firm employing 1 to 1000 lawyers.